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– Pioneer of Mordern Graphic Design


Alphonse Mucha is back in 3 years. His pioneering artworks at modern graphic design are showing achievement and splendor in Seoul, Korea.


The exhibition is composed of 6 sections based on Mucha’s life cycle.


Prologue – The making of Mucha Style

Alphonse M. Mucha was born in the town of Ivancice, Moravia (Czech Republic). He painted religious paintings in his early years. He had chance to go to high school with his musical talent, but he didn’t give up his passion for drawing, relocated to Viennese theatrical design company. In those days, his home country was controlled by Austria. When a fire destroyed the theater, he lost his job, but during his career of portrait painter, he received sponsorship of Karl Kuhen, he could have formal training at the Munich Academy of Fine Arts.

Section 1, the display shows works of art and family which Mucha was inspired. There are some Chinese ceramics and Japanese artworks in the section. Interesting thing is, Mucha got inspiration from Asian style when he was young as well as he had great influence at Korean and Japanese manga artists after a century.


The art of storytelling

Alphonse Mucha was a brilliant genius at drawing lines. He designed comic strips of Czech satirical monthly, and illustrations of famous magazines like Hearst’s International.

Section 2, shows versatile works of Mucha. Visitors can feel ‘theatrical’, ‘narrative’ and ‘sequential’ expressions represented by ‘Mucha style’.


The Art of Advertising

Mucha moved to Paris in 1887. Christmas in 1894, he had a sudden and unexpected need for a new play’s poster. His poster received tremendous acclaim from public, and its name is The Gismonda. He signed a 6-year exclusive contract with Sarah Bernhardt. He also painted poster of perfume company “Rodo”, and rail company “P.L.M Monaco-Monte Carlo” at those days.

Section 3, shows glory days of Art Nouveau. Visitors can appreciate masterpieces of Mucha, <The poster of Gismonda>, <Nestle poster>, <Moet Chandon> and many ad-posters.


Picture Maker for Ordinary People

Mucha believed that the art could contribute to the better world. He thought that public should experience art and artworks which were confined to the privileged class at those times. He produced inexpensive artworks and supported various projects.

Section 4, visitors can experience Mucha’s pioneering thoughts and works.

Beauty – Inspiration for Lifestyle

Mucha’s world of art was essential for the rapidly changing world situation. He devoted his life to make daily goods like package designs, design handbooks and jewelry boutique.

Section 5, visitors can meet Mucha’s efforts and design which improved the quality of life.


Epilogue – The afterlife ‘le Style Mucha’

Mucha’s inspiration is not dead. His halo-circles are still painted in a lot of romance comics. Many comic artists borrow his dynamic lines. It’s been hundred years since Mucha died, but his style and Art Nouveau is still alive in many artworks.

Section 6, shows works of Rhim Ju-yeon, Ko Ya-sung, Choo Hye-yeon, and CLAMP. Visitors can explore the link between Mucha and today’s manga artists.




Venue: Hangaram Art Museum 2nd floor, Seoul Arts Center

Date: 2016. 12. 03 – 2017. 03. 05


Dec – Feb: 11:00 – 19:00(Last admissions: 18:00)

Mar: 11:00 – 20:00(Last admissions: 19:00)

Enquiries: 02-6273-4242

Docent: 11:30, 14:00, 17:00(Weekdays only)

Audio guides: \ 3000(Korean)


Adult (19-64):  \ 15,000
Youth (13-18): \ 10,000
Kid (7-12): \ 8,000
6 and Under: \ 5,000

Elder (65- ): \ 8,000


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