Sunday, March 13, 2016

Ring Making Myeong Dong

When we know that there is a cafe which can let us to make a ring by ourselves, we decide to go immediately~~^^

 actually it looks like a studio more
these are made by other guest? it's so nice~~ I am looking forward to start to make my ring

teacher will show us some samples, we can choose the one that we wanna make
also, we have to choose the size & the width of our ring
then just fill in this form...
we can choose to grave the words by ourselves or by laser, i wanna grave by myself & my friend chose to grave by laser
don't forget to do the practice before grave on the ring!!
(haha~~ i took many practices before graving~~ it's so nervious~)
after the graving, we have to shape the ring like this, it needs so much power~~fighting~!!
then give teacher to help us to weld it as a circle
while teacher doing the weld, we have to mark our ring size first
then we have to beat it lightly, the ring will become bigger
when it reach to our marked line, we have to stop!!
take the ring out & turn it up to down and beat it again, also until the marked line
this will make the side of our ring become smooth
although it takes much time & power, the ring will become more perfect~^^

the final step is burnish it, it has to do 4 times
the ring will become more & more shiny
(haha~~i m not kidding, it can be used as mirror)
after all, if wanna do the laser grave, just give to teacher to do it~~

these are our rings~~~~~~~~~~~~~
they're so beautiful~!!
명동반지카페설레임 (Ring Making Myeong Dong)
Address: 3rd Floor, 61-1 Chungmuro 2-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul (서울 중구 충무로2가 61-1 (3층,4층))
Facebook: Ring Making Myeong Dong/ 명동반지카페
Tel: 02-771-5558/ 010-8652-0607
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