Saturday, December 26, 2015

한와담 (Han Wa Dam) - The unforgettable experience of Grilled Korean Beef "Hanwoo"

Korean beef "Hanwoo" is the most popular and representative food in Korea. Last week, I was invited to 한와담 (Han Wa Dam) to have my first try on "Hanwoo".

The restaurant is located at Han Nam Dong, 15-20 minutes walking time from Han Nam (한남) Subway Station.The restaurant is mainly decorated in black color with a charming bar table. This is the second branch of 한와담 which opened for about one year. The first branch was opened two years ago which is also located nearby.
I ordered Aged Tenderloin and Aged Sirloin. Aged Tenderloin - KRW 37,000 Aged Sirloin 160g - KRW 36,000

All the beef are served on a iron plate for grilling.  The chefs are always standby to cook and serve for you. The main concept of 한와담 is the service form the chefs, and the communication between the customers and the chefs. As the beef includes both the thick and thin parts in the same slice, it is too difficult for the customers to grill by themselves. That's why the restaurant provides this service to the customers. Moreover, different chefs may have their own little method to grill the beef, so be surprised by the taste and texture! 

Aged Tenderloin is a softer texture with full of meat juice inside. Aged Sirloin is more focused on the biting texture. Please have a try of both of these to feel the differences. Furthermore, Instead of olive or peanut oil, they use beef kidney's oil as the base to grill the meat. Therefore, beef turns out with a better and superior taste. Pink color inside and brown outside. Meat is so juicy and soft in medium rare cooked. Please drip some salts on, or have a try of the restaurant own green mustard sauce. They are perfect matches!

A highlight of the meal is the Imsil Cheese. The cheese is made in domestic factory in North Jeolla Province. Although mozzarella cheese can't be grilled, this Imsil Cheese is well-grilled on the iron plate. Besides, the side sides are so fresh and yummy. Like the green onion is sweet and sour at the same time, the taste is so surprise! The restaurant provides other side dishes, like the grilled seafood. As the first time experiences to have the Hanwoo, I was super satisfy and really want to go again~!

Here is the menu:

한와담 (Han Wa Dam)
Address: 76-5 Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul Tel: 02-749-1105 Opening Hour: 11:30 - 23:30 (15:00-17:00 Break Time)

Picture: Cathy Ma
Text: Vivian Sing

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