Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Common Ground Seoul

Nothing common about COMMON GROUND....

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Common Ground popped up a few years ago now, situated close to Konkuk station in Seoul. With big blue containers strategically placed on top of one another to form and almost lego type structure, it certainly attracts attention.  It's no surprise therefore that it's become such a hit as a weekend hangout spot for couples as well as a hip location for events and festivals.  

Eye catching vibrant blue shipping containers converted into a retro mall with a common area, funky food trucks, chic cafe’s and designer boutiques, it certainly a place I could spend a sunny Sunday afternoon.

Exit 6 of Konkuk University Station will take you in the direction of Common Ground. Walk straight for 5 minutes and you can't miss it. Recycled cylinders, up cycled plant pots and numerous shipping containers carefully erected on top of one another, turn this otherwise waste ground into an uber cool hangout spot.

We first came across this alternative creative space while in Christchurch New Zealand, a few years back. Unfortunate circumstances saw their town centre demolished and local creatives, designed an earthquake friendly market place in replacement. It was both quirky, fun and very much a tourist attraction at the time.

Since then we’ve seen more and more of these creative spaces pop up. With Seoul being a creative hub, in my opinion, it’s not surprising they’ve followed suit.  

The tasty food trucks offer various dishes from Korean fusion, churros, yummy burger from HandinHand Burger and plenty of drink options. 

If it’s a healthier option you are looking for, head upstairs to the Thai restaurant, Sushi, Korean Kimbab restaurants or simply grab a coffee from Dore Dore to stroll around the boutiques. If you are like me, you won't be able to resist a slice of their famous rainbow cakes, always what the doctor orders ^^

It doesn't cover much (Common) Ground, but you can spend a few hours people watching and have a few beers or coffee’s in the sunshine. Definitely worth a visit if you’re in the area.
Inside the market there are various local designers selling quirky hats, clothes and accessories.  It's always great to contribute to local talent.

Head down to COMMON GROUND and lets us know your thoughts......To read the Original Post from Hitch Hiking In Heels (Travel Bloggers) click here.

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