Monday, December 12, 2016

Paragliding in Yongin 飛翔於龍仁的天空

Paragliding in Yongin is a great way to enjoy the spectacular views of the suburb area of Seoul.
With the strong 4 wheel-drive truck, you will be taken up to the mountain (500m above sea level) in just a few minutes. Bumping up through the trees, it will be a whole new adventure discovering through a wooden forest. Unlike the 4 wheel desert sand dune drive in a open space, there’s an unexpected thrills going up through the wood packed up like sardines.
Once you get out of the car after reaching the top, you will feel the cool breeze air freshness that are different from the city. Although Yongin is just a few kilometers apart from Seoul, it has a total different air quality and view. Qualified expert will double check the security of the parachute and will be right at your back guiding you.
Following the instruction and making some steps leaning forward to lift up a massive parachute behind, you will be floating though the air in no time. Almost as stable as riding an airplane, instructor will make some unexpected giant swings time to time keeping your mind awake at all time.
There will be guidance of what to do from the lift to landing, so you will be relaxed during the whole trip. It is a definetely a life-time worth experience that you cannot miss.
Price: 90,000 won on weekday / 100,000 won on weekend
價格:平日 90,000韓幣/節假日 100,000韓幣
How to get there
take Bus 1500-2 from Exit 3 Sadang station Blue line
and take off at Choburi.
Contact numberr: 031) 322-2676
聯絡電話: 031) 322-2676

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