Friday, June 3, 2016

Bburi – Flower cafe

Bburi is a flower cafe located in the heart of Gangnam-gu, Cheongdam. This upscale area is perfect for a beautiful cafe and flower shop at the same time. The owner is a young lady who burns for floristry. Her passion has taken her far and wide in the pursuit of honing her skills in flower arrangement. She has trained in USA and taken the best part of her training back to Korea.
Unlike other cafes that fuse with concepts such as cats, dogs, racoons (!), toys, board games and more, Bburi is not just a cafe with flowers added as a gimmick. It would do Bburi more justice to say that it is a flower shop where you can get a cup of coffee, a chilled glass of refreshing lemonade or even a rich muffin. Even still, that is not all there is to Bburi. You will instantly notice that the flowers do not sit in some plastic pots with obscure Nordic names from IKEA, but in skillfully baked ceramic pots in shapes you’ve never witnessed before. Bburi is not only a cafe and a florist, but also a potter!
Customers can buy flowers, pots, cacti, request special flower arrangements and buy other ornaments. The staff also provides consulting and flowers and decorations for special events. People visiting the cafe can also sign up for flower arrangement and gardening classes.

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