Sunday, August 7, 2016

Sweeney Todd¡

I saw the musical¡®Sweeney Todd¡¯ in Charlotte Theater. It was a thriller about the story of characters including a killer barber whose heart is filled with revengeful spirit and a female owner who made pies with human flesh taken from the victims who were sacrificed by the killer. It based on the plot of a strange rumor around a city in England. Since it is an uncommon genre in musicals, I had a lot of expectation before I watched it. When Mrs. Lovett and Todd thought about how to take care of the dead bodies and got all excited after deciding to use them for the pies, the audience was delighted by how sly the actors were. But at the same time, it created an ironic situation where I was just looking on while they were committing such a horrific act. Actually, their conversation contained criticism about the upper class in the society. In the last scene of the musical, Tobias learned that the pies were made of dead bodies of attorneys and children of conglomerates and his body became covered in blood from the shock. It was a very frightening scene but it became an unforgettable climax of the story. There were twists in the atmosphere where the mood became terrifying when the barber swung his razor around so it was a revenge play that happened in daily life and did not leave the audience feeling bored as all were blown away by the exotic music and emotions. The actors¡¯ outstanding acting made me feel like they were really the characters in the musical and I felt chilly more than just cool during the hot summer so I think it will last in my memory for a long time.

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