Friday, November 20, 2015

Halloween Cruise @ Gimpo ARA Terminal

It's not every year that one gets to spend Halloween on a cruise, and so I am especially grateful to our team at Inseoul Magazine for giving me this fantastic opportunity.

So, let's begin... How can I describe the cruise...? Phenomenal yet gaudy. The firework was exceptionally brilliant with short paced bursts but the overall management was a little lacking, especially on the cleaning side. It was clear at several times that the dance floor was in need of a quick sweeping but nobody on the management side paid much attention to it. Also there were times when I felt the overall event could have been made more fun by proceeding in a scheduled fashion rather than just opening up all the facilities at all times for everyone. Certainly, discipline has its own pay, even on a cruise on a Halloween night. The last formidable challenge that I faced was finding my way back to the university. Since Gimpo is quite far away from any average person's daily itinerary and subways and buses stop early on weekends, I felt the management should have given harder thoughts to getting people back to their homes safely after the cruise.

The cruise took off at 7 pm from the Gimpo ARA terminal (It was a little hard to find the place at first, but if you are planning to go there next time, just remember this place is next to the big Hyundai Outlet and then just walk a few steps from there). It was really nice to see so many people dressed up for the occasion except me, who if my reader's humor sense permit it, was dressed up as a business man (not very scary, right? Maybe you are wrong :P ). After our entry on the cruise, we were each served with food and drinks and then we made our way to the 2 floor to put down our bags and socialize. As from my experience, it was apparent that the event was a big hit among English teachers in Korea, especially the ones from US and South Africa. Later, we hopped over to the dance floor to shake off some frenzy energy before getting back on land and finding our way back to our sad little dorms.

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