Thursday, November 19, 2015

Italian Food @ Insadong

If you are lost in the streets of Insadong, weary and tired, then you would thank me a ton for recommending this amazing place to eat there. Although the menu only varies from pizza to pasta and the occasional twists in Italian cuisine, I can say it with a high degree of assurance that it will be one of the best pizzas and pastas you would eat in your life there.

The place is ideal for an art meet up or a casual get together. The ambient music, the relaxed lightening and the bustle-free design makes it easier to flow smoothly the stream of conversations. It is also possible to get some drinks while you are there. Also, if you choose to dine at this fantastic Italian restaurant, feel free to stroll around and gaze at the paintings on the wall, and maybe, if the manager of the place isn't very occupied at the moment, ask her to guide you through her arts. I am sure you will not regret this.

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