Sunday, November 22, 2015

Slovak Symphony @ Ichon

If it is the fancy dress up of the orchestra that you like, or their actual melodies, the sight at the Slovak Symphony had everything encompassed in it.

The performance was sponsored and hosted by Seoul Metro who regularly organizes such events, It was held at Seoul ART museum in Ichon, one of the biggest museums in Korea (A must visit for anybody living in Seoul for long).

Spanning around 2 hours with a 20 minutes break in the middle, the performance was, to be honest, a challenge to remain attentive. It is one thing to rove and jive internally to a piece of classical music, but to hear it in all lengths and capacity is a challenge for the most civilized being among us. But, it ended and I got to came back home and I was happy to have attended it, although I wished I had left the theatre a little while ago during the break. :)

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