Friday, November 20, 2015

Jump musical

An interesting piece of martial art performances that combines various Korean fighting arts like Tae-kwon-do and Tae-Kyun with other Asian marital arts. The musical is called the Jump Musical for a reason, actors do professional jumps during the show bringing a unique exciting  element to Musical performances. When it comes to comedy, audience hold their hands to their bellies laughing and having great times watching the humorous actors. Now, the performance is mostly non-verbal, so even internationals who understand no Korean can understand the whole show and enjoy it with no difficulty.
Seoul Jonggu Chodong 18-5( Subway line4 Chungmuro station, exit number 7) Myeongpo Hall third floor
명보아트홀 3층
서울 중구 초동 18-5
모바일웹 지도:

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