Thursday, November 26, 2015

Review from an opera newbie on the "The Flying Dutchman"

When it comes to opera, I am what one would call a newbie. My knowledge of arts and entertainment evolved mostly around watching live musicals, movies and the occasional museum explorations. Therefore, when an opportunity to watch an opera came up, I grab it straight away.

Watching “The Flying Dutchman” for the first time, or opera for that matter, requires full attention. That meant 3 hours of no contact with the outside world, or simply phone down. Not because one can’t, but because right from the beginning, the audiences were hooked. The opera opened with a few words describing the Flying Dutchman and its myth. It was projected live on a large screen for the audience to read and digest. Right after, there was a musical ensemble led by the talented Austrian conductor Ralf Weikert. It was intriguing to watch how he swayed the baton passionately at each note. The entire performance was filled with musical scores at its best and dramatic portrayal of each character’s expression. I felt the piece was a mixed of classical art and technology from the orchestra and opera singers to the lightings and projector.

One way to sum up opera for me would be, “an intimate storytelling experience expressed in the most dramatic way involving quality vocal performances”.

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