Friday, November 20, 2015


The weather in Korea now is at its best, neither too cold nor too hot. This weather is like a golden chance that comes only once a year, so lets not loose our opportunity to enjoy it. One of the best activities that suites this weather just perfect is Rail Biking. So, hurry up and book your ticket to do Rail Bike. You can get on the rail bike at Gimyujeong Station. On the Rail Bike, you will be able to see the beautiful natural landscape of the area and the refreshing breeze of wind makes it even more memorable.
There we are going into the tunnel not knowing what is next. Adventure time ^^
Inside the tunnel, soft lights with some music, no better romance than this <3

Down here some of the pictures I took while on the rail bike.



More info: 
Ginyubgjeong station is on Gyeongchun line. You can get one ticket for two persons for 15000won. Now, there are two kinds of carts, one is only for two persons and one for four people and you can choose which type of cart you wanna ride. The bike carts are on train rails,so you can't control it's direction, but the pedaling is manual and you gotta pedal move forward. 

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