Friday, November 20, 2015

The DMZ fun!

It had already been a lousy weekend so far. Most of my friends were busy with their tests and assignments but the weather seemed so promising of a nice day outside. Also, I have been very curious about the history of North and South Korea, and the repeated incursions of North on the South.
So, I picked up a few brochures and compared them to find the best deal on DMZ. It turns out that the 'DMZ tour' isn't that expensive at all., Priced at about 45,000 KRW which includes the shuttle bus ride, boarding tickets, travel guide etc, the DMZ tour was much better than I initially expected.

The trip began at Hongik university station where outside the exit gate no. 3, a shuttle bus was waiting for our arrival. After a little paper work and name signing, we picked up our seats and started the DMZ tour. The journey from Seoul to the northern frontiers of South Korea took us around an hour, after which we went first to watch a movie about the korean war and the north korean incursions on South Korea. Later, we had a first hand experience to one of the tunnels that North Korea dug to disregard the DMZ. It was a thirty minute walk underground but it was well facilitated. After that, we went to an observatory to look at North Korea through the binoculars. The trip ended at the Dorasan station where we observed the DMZ train... ready to take off.

I have a few things to advise to make the trip to DMZ most enjoyable. Firstly, if you are looking for some light fun with friends without much walking or travelling, then this trip is certainly not for your taste. The DMZ tour involved a lot of walking, especially while walking and exploring one of the inception tunnels. Secondly, it would be really helpful to read up on North and South Korea relationship beforehand so that you feel more confident at connecting the dots when you see them. And lastly, it is very important that you bring along a friend or two to make the whole trip more enjoyable.

To find more information about the tour, visit:

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