Monday, July 25, 2016

Cheong-Jeong-Woncooking class

Cheong-Jeong-Woncooking class
     Jim-dak& Seafood and Green Onion Pancake

Cheong-Jeong-Woncooking classis located in front of Ewha University’s main entrance.
One red-hot summer day, I learned about jimdak and seafood and green onion pancake inCheong-Jeong-Woncooking Class .

When I entered to this place, I saw very fabulous interior and cheongjeong won’s good. These were really clean and pretty like pictures.

They have SNS event for people to post about cheongjung won class in SNS
This class have various class like family class, foreigner class, friend class etc.

Class room also have splendid interior like main entrance. They prepared kitchen stuff like bowl, seafood, sauce etc.

And during waiting time, we drunk cheong-jeong-won’s ice drink.
Recently, around Ehwa University, a lot of Hong Kong tourists are finding this place.
So, there are a lot of stalls offering service for Hong Kong tourist.
A lot of foreigner tourist participated in this cooking class as well.

Cooking class instructor explained slowly by Korean for foreigner.
Almost foreigners took part in this have big concerning for Korea so they can speak and listen Korean.
All students leaned Korean recipe well.

First, we cut all vegetable, seafood for cooking.

And then, we mixed Korean pancake powder(2 cup), cool water (1 cup)and egg (1) by eggbeater.
Ilearn that Korean pancake powder is mixing flower and salt.
So, when I don’t have Korean pancake powder, I can make it!
Reason putting cool water is making crispy seafood and green onion pancake.

 After that, we put scallion, onion, red pepper, shrimp and squid and mixed those.

After putting olive oil in pan, we waited for hot fan and then put thinly pancake dough by dipper.

For another dish, jim-dak, we washed chicken by cool water, boiled this in pot.

After chicken was boiled, put ginger, sugar, soy sauce, alcoholic drink for cooking, onion, carrot, red pepper, Chinese noodle etc.
When boiling dish have bubble, remove this.
And then boil continuously until cooking finishing.


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