Monday, February 1, 2016

2 days/ 1 night @ Jeonju city

It's been a while since I did my last update, so here's one to finish the hiatus. Last week, I had the opportunity to visit Jeonju city, thanks to the efforts of my friend Chan Hong Park. The city is amazing, full of traditional and cultural vibe. Maybe we were lucky to run right in to the proceedings of a Hanbok competition, or that it is common to see a bunch of random Korean boys and girls walking around in Hanbok (traditional Korean dress) around the Hanok village. (Jeonju people reading this me!)
Jeonju is quite famous for it's culinary art. The meals that I ate were quite satisfactory, given that I am a vegetarian and not a big follower of Korean food. During the trip, we had 3 big meals- one at the restaurant near the Museum, the second in the center of the city, and the third one somewhere near the bus station. During all those times, we mostly ordered Bibimbap which turns out to be the most famous dish in Jeonju. One thing worth noticing was the monstrous number of side dishes that were presented in addition to every serving at the restaurant. The general number would run somewhere around 10 to 20.
Apart from that, we also participated in a couple of cultural activities. Among them, making the Korean traditional paper called Hanji and making clay pots out of raw clay were the most remarkable. In the former, we were instructed about the ancient process of making paper, and then we were given a simple lesson on how to make our own paper. In the latter, we went to a pottery school where we were instructed by a skilled potter on how to make pots. Both these activities were quite fun and engaging, and we were also able to bring our produce back with us to Seoul.
On the whole, the trip was very comfortable. Even though it rained a bit during our walk through the Hanok village, the preparation of the tour and the sophistication and planning were certainly worthwhile. The guest house selection was also quite good (it was right in the middle of the Hanok village with close proximity to other amenities and cultural spots). If you are trying to find some place to visit in Korea soon, then I would highly recommend that you give Jeonju city a try. Just be careful of the food... if you eat too much, you will grow fat :P

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