Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The “TACO chilichili” Experience

In the middle of a crowded street with full of colors offering a variety of food from all around the world in the Itaewon Area (Seoul-South Korea), you can easily recognize a charming advice screaming “TACO” and is widely known the really good reputation that the Mexican food have all around the world, and here in Korea is not the exception for it.

Immediately once we entered to the restaurant we have been attended by a warm greeting from the owner “Don Kim” which is the Spanish for Mr. Kim, with an incredible Spanish speaking skills he explains about his long and history selling Mexican food in Iteaewon area, plus he is the very pioneer selling this kind of food in South Korea beginning around 15 years ago.

Starting with the explanation about a reckless acceptation for the Mexican food among the locals in Seoul 15 years ago, but it eventually have been changing due the amount of foreigners who are living regularly in Seoul in addition with the globalization concept the Mexican became more and more popular, and now around the area you could find more than 5 restaurants selling Mexican food which talks by itself.

As traditional flavor characteristics for Mexican food is the spicy flavor, and for it the chef should be careful choosing the right ingredients, as well the basic for most all dishes is the tortillas, for both of them Mr. Kim explains that export those ingredients due the relevancy for the flavor in the food, even though the prices are quite affordable and that explains the popularity and recognition that “Taco chilichili” nowadays has in Seoul.

 After the quick interview we access to the second floor, where we totally have discovered a Mexican paradise, the place takes cares about all the small details and literally you can feel, smell and taste the Mexican tradition.

Immediately we have been received with a variety selection of Mexican dishes, among them is Enchilladas, a variety of Tacos and specialty Taco al Pastor, Quesadillas, Burritos, Nachos and of course accompanied by the guacamole sauce and tomatillo, all of it in a perfect communion with a Corona Beer, and for the following minutes I have forgot that I living in Korean and I been moved to a Mexican house.

Previously I have tried a couple Mexican places, back home in Ecuador where the Mexican food is highly demand, and in all those places the owner usually were Mexicans, in addition my personal passion for cooking, allow me to discover a bit  about how prepare some Mexican dishes, all of it have provide me a really good reference line and  a good criteria about the Mexican flavors, and being honest the way that Mr. Kim prepare the all those dishes is pretty much as a native cooker, preserving all the flavor, species and colors giving you  a unforgettable Mexican experience in a country so away from it.

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