Sunday, February 7, 2016

Korean Doll Making @ Hanok village

Are you curious to know about the right way to wear a Hanbok? Or do you simply want to get a hand on experience at making a traditional Korean doll? Then this art workshop in the heart of Bukchon Hanok village is a must go-to place for all tourists in Seoul. 
The session started with a short introduction to the special Korean paper called Hanji. Hanji is the name of a paper type which has been traditionally produced and consumed in Korea. It is quite strong and can be altered to be used for various decoration purposes. Most of the decorations on the Korean doll that we made came from the use of Hanji. Later, we worked through the basics of dressing up our doll (sticking the lower part of the gown and then the upper, etc) and after that, we moved into finer detailing like the headband on the head and the designs for the sleeves and collar. 

The experience on the whole was worthy of the time we spent. After undergoing the workshop, I have achieved an enhanced appreciation of the Korean traditional art and just realized how hard it was in ancient times to produce articles of luxury in the absence of some of our modern day machinery. I recommend this activity to any tourist in Seoul (staying for short or long) and who has interest in learning more about the Korean arts and culture. 

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