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GANG -GANG - SOOL -LAE [ Korean Beef Specialized Traditional Restaurant ]


[ Korean Beef Specialized Traditional Restaurant ]

Ganggangsullae ( English : Ganggangsullae) is Jeolla Province in the province Jeollanam-do folk plays in charge of important intangible cultural properties and No. 8, September 2009, the UNESCO Humanity masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage was selected as. Mainly in Haenam, Muan, progress, women in Wando and elsewhere dressed neatly in falls on August 15 of the lunar calendar last night gathered in a vacant lot hand in hand, create a circle, singing chorus is attached called "Ganggangsullae" spinning spins play, play to be.

South Jeolla Province in the coastal zone and the books that are propagated to the local dance initially long Jungmori start with a rhythm gutgeori to go at the end of the voluntary memory goes back to the dance is rising faster while jumping

And this name 강강술래 is also well known name of Korean Traditional Beef restaurant as well. About 10 minutes from Exit 9 from  Hongdae Station or Hapjeong Station. Nestled on the streets of Hongdae young Ganggangsullae hongdaejeom is the most hot Korean Place of the busiest streets in the Republic of Korea.  Also if you drop by there around lunch time, there is special priced menu.  Flavor full taste of the charcoal grill! Ganggangsullae hongdaejeom. 

I liked this place so much because of the location, clean environment, kind service, delicious juicy meat, however, the most part was obviously I could not smell of cooked meat which I would not people to know I had meat as my meal. The reason is this restaurant use specializing stove which can catch the smell like sown belowed photo

Lunch Time Specials

The Menu 1

The menu 2

The menu 3

Menu 4

For free delivery

Inside the view 1

Inside the view 2

Insede the view 3

inside the view 4

inside view 5

Inside view 6

Where I wash my hands

Further Information 

  • Opening hours
    11:00 to 23:00
  • holiday
    Open all year round
  • Seat / room / other
    62 Seats / Rooms: 3
    Alcohol Sales
  • Non-smoking
    All non-smoking
    Booking information
    Enable / day before reservation
  • restroom
    Unisex toilet within separate locations / establishments
    Delivery / packaging
    Wrapping available
  • parking
    15, parking Method: Free, Parking Place: private

    Other Facilities

Happy Hour

Buy 2 and get 1 free after 8:30 pm

My Choices were ~

Choice number 1 - That famous Korean beef with mashuroom

Before cooking

After cooking

Choice number 2 - Korean Pork

Before cooking the pork

After cooking the pork


Choice number 3 - Nutritious rice full of beans with bean paste soup set

Choice number 4 - Delicious cold noodle with sliced beef

This is the life, when we get together

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