Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Shooting Guns in South Korea

Shooting Guns in South Korea

Now guns in South Korea are extremely restricted. So people in Korea including foreigners who love guns and like to shoot guns as a hobby find it a bit difficult to practice their favorite hobby. That is why organized shooting ranges are available for those who love shooting guns or even those who know nothing about guns and just want to try it as a new experience, and of course there are those people who do it as a way to relieve their stress. KakaoTalk_20160225_015948502
Enough of the introduction and the talk about gun shootings, and let’s talk about me and my experience at a shooting range in Korea. So I went to Myeongdong, a very well known place among foreigners in Korea, as it has all kinds of stuff ranging from international food markets to traditional Korean markets and so on. Basically, it is a place to find everything you would want, and so you could live for months without even having to go to anywhere else. It even has shooting ranges, what else would you not find?KakaoTalk_20160225_015940286
KakaoTalk_20160223_203328543I went with my friend to the ‘ Korean Shooting Club’. They have so many variety of guns to try out ranging from Desert eagle to Rhino to Walther and so many others, which you can find in a list they give you to check out and choose from for your shooting rounds.KakaoTalk_20160225_015943577KakaoTalk_20160225_015937202
KakaoTalk_20160225_015947743I did two rounds using two different guns, the first one was desert eagle and the second one was…. well I forgot the name actually XD but it looked cool and was a bit heavy.
To be honest, my hands were shaking in the first two shots I shot because I have not shot guns for a long long time but soon I was getting used to it.
KakaoTalk_20160223_202943661I don’t usually brag, but this time I let myself have a whole lot of bragging because I did pretty good specially with the first five shots and got straight 10s, then missed up couple but my score was pretty high, and maybe I should apply to work part time at the shooting range. KakaoTalk_20160223_203006860
The staff was very nice and taught us all the safety procedures and at the end gave us two photos of the guns we used.

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