Saturday, May 7, 2016

A culinary Hard Rock hallelujah

As a European kid, the coolest thing you could wear to school was a Hard Rock cafe t-shirt from abroad. Back then, the cafes were very few and far apart, and there was none in my city. As a matter of fact, there was not a single store in the whole country or even the Northern part of Europe. The rarity suddenly started to change when t-shirts with design that was a bit off and obscure city names started to pop up. Fake copies started to spread but Hard Rock café also started to expand into new countries and territories.
Enter 2016, and Hard Rock café has taken over many parts of the world. Lots of them in Asia and even on Saipan out in Micronesia. The one I visited is located in Lotte World Mall near Jamsil station. The café (do not be fooled by the name – Hard Rock café is more of a restaurant and pub) has a great location overlooking the lake in Jamsil from above.
Hard Rock café serves American style BBQs, steaks, hamburgers, milkshakes (with or wihout alcohol) and also Mexican tacos and much much more. Although the location is in Seoul, the portions are truly of American size. Almost every day, live music is offered which creates a relaxed atmosphere. The waiters and waitresses are all chill and laid-back, but caters to you whenever you feel like placing an order or have a request to make. Customers are free to just order a drink or two – there is no pressure to order food if you just want a break to moisturize your throat while listening to rock music.
As you can see in the pictures, we ordered steaks, drinks, nachos, fajitas, hamburgers, ribs and lots of sides. My personal favorite was the homemade nachos and the ribs. Actually, there is no need to mention that the nachos were homemade, because everything on the menu is! Even the sauces are cooked by the chefs!
What I like the most about Hard Rock café is that it combines several roles into one. It is a restaurant, pub, music lounge, museum and souvenir shop all at once. The rock atmosphere eliminates the posh atmosphere that you often get shoved down your throat in other parts of Seoul. Hearing 90s classics like No Doubt, Run DMC, Metallica and Black Eyed Peas only helps to ease you into that chillax mood and enjoy a good night out. Highly recommended!

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