Friday, May 6, 2016

Caricature still lives in Lotte World Mall

In this day and age of Instagram selfies, Facebook photos and Snapchat pictures, it’s calming to see that some traditional forms of art still live in year 2016. Caricature is an art that not only caters to couples stopping near Montmartre in Paris on their Eurotrip across the continent, but also as a political tool to highlight scandals in the top echelons of the political sphere.
However, the caricature artists in Lotte World Mall up on floor 5 are more into the prior than the latter. The day I went was full of people, especially younglings wanting to get their faces eternalized on paper. For shy over 10,000 Won, you can get a decently sized picture of yourself, perfect to hang on the wall or put on a table-top frame.
For anyone that knows me, they’ll instantly see the resemblance between this picture and me. The artists take requests, so you can ask them to put you in a specific scenario (for example doing the sport you love, in front of your favorite building or as the protagonist of your favorite animated movie). Even though I did not mention it, I was hoping they would make fun of some characteristic qualities of my looks in the picture, but as you can see, the picture is very pretty with perfect skin and somewhat correct anatomic proportions.

To get your own picture, check out floor 5 (or was it floor 6?) just outside Lotte Cinema inside Lotte World Mall in Jamsil Station, line 2. They are also supposed to have a branch inside the Dongdaemun Design Plaza.

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