Saturday, May 7, 2016

Goyang Flower Festival in Ilsan Lake Park

Since 1997, a yearly flower festival has been held in a picturesque spot next to Ilsan Lake Park. As if the park wasn’t beautiful enough to begin with, extra flowers decorate the surroundings of the lake for a period of over two weeks. Even though the event is spread out during such a long period, the area was brimful of people looking to take in the aromas of fresh flowers and learn all there is to learn about horticulture.
The exhibition consists of lots of small booths selling everything from pots, seeds, live flowers and bonsai trees. The prices seem to be a bit cheaper than your local store, so if you are looking to take a plunge into the world of plants, this is a wonderful starting point. The exhibition part of the festival shows flowers, flower arrangements and lots of other different art that utilizes flowers. The LED-tunnel, with LED-flowers sitting next to real flowers, is sure to visit an Instagram and Facebook feed near you very soon, if not already. My personal favorite was the paddle boats with floral ornaments going back and forth between the sides of the lake.
The festival is a perfect place to take colorful pictures, and of course the best of places to take your beloved for some additional chapters in the photo book of your lives. Do make sure not to miss taking a walk all around the lake, since the crowds of the flower festival will make you appreciate the more silent parts of the park so much more.

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