Friday, May 6, 2016

Relaxing place in Gangnam – ACACIA (Food.Wine.Brunch.Dessert)

Relaxing place in Gangnam – ACACIA (Food.Wine.Brunch.Dessert)

Needless to say sin sa is an interesting and fashion place by Seoul. The street is crowded with people, no matter it is day or night. For a variety of appointments.(Friends meeting, special Memorial Day meal, Business meeting, dating, etc.)


Korea style- Some different in other place, you will try some special Americano in here. (Black tea Americano and orange Americano).


Salad- Dipped in avocado sauce with fresh coriander. Shrimp feel fresh and clearness, timing handled very well.

Burger- This burger is stuffed with a piece of beef, cabbage and tomatoes,so be creative and mixed match to walk.

Toast- The toast texture and unique taste make this one of the most special delicacies. Not only is it toast and banana, Caramelize and cinnamon perfect match in this food.

Homemade dessert- This tiramisu gets up is the sweet good taste.



It's the most amazing feeling and biggest rewards. If you are looking for a tried, that's a best choice.



Address: 57 Nonhyeonro  153-gil Gangnam-gu Seoul Korea

Phone: 02.517.3517

Open: 11:30am       Close: 11:00pm

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