Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Adventure at Muju

taekwondo won
One of the most beautiful full of harmony places in Korea is the province of Muju. It is famous for its firefly festival that tourists from all over Korea and internationals come to witness. Not only that, but Muju is also notable for its scenery that attracts tourists as well as the rafting experience that tourists can do at Geum river. I had the chance to go visit this beautiful piece of heaven through a Korean program for foreigners and Koreans called ‘Outlookie’. Indeed, it was a once in a lifetime experience. We went to the famous Taekwondo-won where world taekwondo championships take place every now and then. The place was high up in the mountains and I saw so many not only Koreans but also foreigners that go there and either learn taekwondo or participate in taekwondo championships. It is expected that in 2017, the taekwondo world championship will take place at taekwondo-won at Muju province in Korea. We went there to learn some taekwondo by the greatest masters of all times. Well, we came out with some moves. While we were staying at the taekwondo-won, the guides took us on a lift up to the high mountains where we could see Muju and the taekwondo-won spreading below us. I never thought Korea had those high up mountain chains until I saw it by my own eyes. We then headed to see the firefly festival. It was so dark and we could only see the road under the moon light. We were told to turn off all lights, even the camera flash, and the houses around the festival area were all turned off. Finally, I could see the stars away from the light pollution of the city. And as we looked to the side of the road, while we were walking, we saw those small light bulbs looking things flying around. There were so many of them and it was such a beautiful scenery. So many people in our group never knew or ever seen these kinds of fireflies. Sadly, we had to go back and say good bye to the beautiful fireflies and to the harmony of Muju. I definitely will go back, it is a place totally worth going back to. KakaoTalk_20150913_112510797KakaoTalk_20150913_112508397

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