Sunday, December 6, 2015

Living legend - Notre dame de Paris musical in Seoul!

In South Korea you can definetly learn about Korean traditional culture, but what is more great, that here you can meet worldwide pieces of any art and culture and never feel regret about having no chance to go to Europe, because Europe is going to you!

If you know about masterpiece of Victor Hugo "Notre dame de Paris", doubtless you would have heard about similiar musical made by composer Riccardo Cocciante  and Luc Plamondon. These two people created immortal performance with brilliant music and lyrics. As much as I know this musical gained success in Russia and personally to my great surprise I watched this musical firstly only yesterday, but all the songs were well-known to me! 
However, I got the chance to watch this performance in South Korea, and to be  accurate in Blue Square, culture complex, which is known as the largest art hall in Korea! I really expected a lot from this theater and I was not dissappointe1805577_image2_1d. The scene was well-organised and quite big, giving artist space for creative work. I was impressed by technical facilities of the hall as well. The light played really great role in creating the mood of the performance and it seemed like in all parts  even the smallest detailes were deeply thought through. It is great merit of a lighting designer though. Also I was impressed by decorations which moved and transformed in different way,  depending on the scene. We even can see copies of famous statues, which decorate the roof of the real Notre Dame de Paris.
As for the musical, it is its 3rd time in Korea and every time audience welcomes it very warmly. I felt that audience really likes this French story and waited for so long to see the French original tour again! It took 10 years to return this musical to Korea. Anyway, 10 years before or today, this story is loved by people and it is absolutely justifable.
It is absolutely necessary to mention the cast. Famous Esmeralda, Quasimodo, Phoebus and Frollo appear on the scene and make us believe in them and empathize with every moment of the story. Their expression and acting skills are beyond praise. Words are not enough to tell you how great was this performance. You definetely have to go and enjoy it yourself.
I know that this musical gained such great success that was recorded in the Guiness book of records as the most successful musical! All this is the merit of directors, artists, actors and numerous other staff who made the living legend which lasts already for  17 years! I guess it is definetely worth seeing this great piece of modern art. It doesn't matter whether you read the real novel or not, because enjoying the immortal love story and songs is enough.
This time the tour will last till November, 15. If you are interested in it, you can get more info on Blue Square official site

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