Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Korean DMZ

Being right in the middle of the two biggest powers in the world certainly gives it a thrill. The demilitarized zone between North and South Korea was made right after the second world war as line border between the Soviet Union and the United States.
Despite its name, it is the most heavily militarized border in the world.KakaoTalk_20151009_103533776 KakaoTalk_20151009_103531614
No one ever can pass through it. But there actually have been several incidents in which North Korea has tried to invade South Korea.
KakaoTalk_20151009_103540400 KakaoTalk_20151009_103536227 KakaoTalk_20151009_103536063
North Korea has tried to built underground tunnels to command a surprise attack on South Korea. Four of these tunnels were discovered by chance by South Korea and three of them now are used as a tourist attraction by South Korea, one of which is just too dangerous to go to because it might fall on people when they go inside to see it. To be honest, I find it myself funny of how South Korea used what could have been a serious threat as tourists attraction sites that gets South Korea more income. I am sure that’s not what North Korea wished for.
The trip to the DMZ cost around 46,000Won for a half day trip, and for a whole day trip cost around 64,000Won. It certainly is worth the prize as you get the chance to stand up only few miles away from North Korea, and you can actually see North Korean’s houses and buildings.
Using cameras inside the tunnel was not allowed, which is why I couldn’t take any photos :(.. we walked inside the tunnel for like 20 minutes and I was told by the guide that if there was no door in the middle of the tunnel, only 40 minutes walking and we could get to North Korea. Oh, if I only had the door key!!
As appearing in the picture, that is North Korea!KakaoTalk_20151009_103529460
There is still hope for both South and North Korea to unite and come back to be as a one nation. There are actually serious plans of building a train rail road that connects between South and North Korea as soon as the unification is achieved. The last train station in South Korea which we were able to get to was Dorasan Station.
KakaoTalk_20151009_103541383 KakaoTalk_20151009_103534980 KakaoTalk_20151009_103544045 KakaoTalk_20151009_103540471 KakaoTalk_20151009_103534656 KakaoTalk_20151009_103528148
I am impatiently waiting for the unification, I so want to go to North Korea~~

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