Thursday, December 24, 2015

Pot - E - Jae (All About Red Bean Cafe)

Pot - E - Jae

Korean Homemade Red Bean Cafe

This quaint family atmosphered red bean cafe is just 5 minutes away from Yoido station exit 4, turn right from the post office then walk up to KFC.
 The cafe is located right across from there.

Various views from inside - nice and cozy
Western styled entrance and decorations

Specializing in red bean soup and iced flakes

As you can see, this menu is all about red bean
and the price range is good

However, this red bean soup is their speciality

Those cute juice bottles have contained freshly squeezed Homemade energizing ingredients

A selection of coffee is also served

These jars contain cordial of fruit and healthy ingredients

Red bean soup has different kinds of nuts

Red bean iced flakes are rich and creamy which melt in your mouth

Their new menu is this looking delicious red bean tiramisu dessert

French imported fish shaped red bean crepes

This lovely looking young lady owns this shop with her mom

You can contact the down below number for home delivery

You can type '팥이재' for further information online
or contact to 02 782 1822

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