Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Ocean World

Korea generally has a hot humid summer. I couldn’t take it any longer! So I decided to go to Korea’s biggest water park Vivaldi Park Ocean World to enjoy my summer here in Korea to the max and not having to worry about the hot burning weather. Just like I anticipated and exactly what I was looking for!! Everywhere I looked I saw only water flowing around… So many water rides that even a day is not enough to enjoy them all… I couldn’t get bored, there was no time to do so because I kept getting distracted discovering a new ride and finding new games to enjoy throughout the day nonstop. I didn’t like one thing which is the long line waiting, but I could understand why as the rides really deserve the waiting. It felt like I was riding roller coasters, I was speeding so fast that later when I saw some of my photos, I could see my face disoriented by the wind. The best ride I enjoyed the most was the free wild river. It was so wild, but at the same time so safe as all riders have to wear life jackets. The food was everywhere, amazingly tasty and diverse. I even found Turkish Kebab that was Halal meat, which I could eat. The taste lasted long in my mouth and it gave me more energy to go and finish exploring what the Ocean World hides. What fascinated me the most is the design of the park resembling old Egyptian civilization like old pharaohs’ statues, pyramids and more. It felt like I came back in time to shoot a movie in old Egypt. A memorable experience, I would love to experience again.

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