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Itaewon: Seoul Central Masjid and Makan Halal Korean Restaurant

Itaewon: Seoul Central Masjid and Makan Halal Korean Restaurant

Itaewon is quite synonymous to Muslims in Korea whereas located the first mosque in Korea (Seoul Central Masjid). The mosque officially opened on May 21, 1976. To go there, you can take Seoul Subway Line 6, get off at Itaewon Station and exit 3.

Seoul Centre Masjid

Gate of Seoul Centre Masjid
Looking for local halal food in Korea while you’re in Seoul, then please have a visit to MAKAN HALAL KOREAN RESTAURANT in Itaewon. They just started operations early this year. I am highly recommend everyone making a trip to this restaurant just to try authentic halal Korean food. The taste of their food are marvelous and delicious. I am speechless. Their refillable banchan (side dishes) serve very attractive and tasty. You definitely have to come and try it yourself. 

According to Mr. Abu Bakar (a Korean Muslim) aka the owner of this restaurant, the Makan Halal Korean Restaurant received the halal certification by KMF (Korea Muslim Federation). The restaurant operates every day starting from 10:30 am to 10:00 pm and closed on Tuesdays. Price around ₩8,000 to ₩12,000. They provide dosirak (Korean packed lunches) as well.

Highly recommended to try: Ttoekkgalbi (떡갈비) Beef short-ribs in Rice Cake Style, Samgyetang (삼계탕) Ginseng chicken soup, Dalktoritang (닭도리탕) Braised Chicken Stew, Ojingeo Bulgogi (오징어 불고기) Grilled squid, Bulgogi Bibimbap (불고기 비빔밥) Mixed Riced with Beef Meat and many more.

Ttoekkgalbi (떡갈비), Beef short-ribs in Rice Cake Style

Dalktoritang (닭도리탕), Braised Chicken Stew
Samgyetang (삼계탕), Ginseng chicken soup
They’re healthy, delicious, affordable and give you a true taste of Korean cuisine.

Ojingeo Bulgogi (오징어 불고기), Grilled squid

Bulgogi Bibimbap (불고기 비빔밥), Mixed Riced with Beef Meat

Delicious, Marvelous and speechless.

Map to the Mosque and Makan Halal Korean Restaurant​

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