Sunday, December 6, 2015

The Stanley Kubrick Exhibition at the Seoul Museum of Art

A visit to The Stanley Kubrick Exhibition currently at the Seoul Museum of Art is a bit like a crash course in the genre film. Visitors begin their tour of Kubrick's work with the epic historical genre Spartacus and end with the erotic thriller Eyes Wide Shut. In between, visitors will have encountered horror, sci-fi, melodrama, black comedy, and more, each represented by one of Kubrick's films. The 2001: A Space Odyssey section simulates a space station while The Shining section conjures up the memory of walking the eerie halls of a menacing hotel. Artifacts from each film--props, scripts, photos, personal correspondences--are carefully displayed in ways that recall the specific film genre in which they were utilized. Visitors will leave satisfied, as if they had just eaten at a sort of movie genre buffet where Stanley Kubrick is the head chef.

Pictured above: A replica of the garden maze from The Shining.
Exhibition runs until March 13th, 2016.
Click here for more information from the Seoul Museum of Art's website.

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