Sunday, December 6, 2015

Seongbukdong foot course - challenge and charm!

Seongbukdong is p_residents_housing_areas01located at the north-east of Seoul. Quite close, but in the same time distant from the noisy centre of the city. When I came into this district, i had really homey and warm feeling because of plenty of tiny caffee and trading tents. Autumn in Korea is the best season for festivals, so citizens of Seonbukdong as well run their own fair. As much as I know, all the money earned during this fair will be donated for help to elders or people in need. It's really great, isn't it? 
Файл 19.10.15, 22 49 09 Although it was great to enjoy surroundings, I came to this place with the proper goal - to have foot course around historical sites!
Our Файл 19.10.15, 22 51 29tour guide was a nice man, who does these tours as a volunteer! It was another one point which made me surprised! In Seoul nowadays volunteering guiding becomes more and more popular. Elders after retiring take foreigners or Koreans and tell stories about diffrent districts or historical sites. I tried some of the courses and was absolutely happy with the guides and stories.
Our tour included information about Korean outstanding personalities such as poets, artists and just people who contributed their lifes to Korea. For example, we visited house of Choi SunU, who contributed his life to introduce Korean culture to the whole world! Korean people respect him and keep his residence as a museum and an excellent example of beautiful Korean tradФайл 19.10.15, 22 51 54itional house - Hanok. Thanks to our tour guide, I got to know about specifics of Hanok constructing and small detailes of the interier! Did you know that Koreans used traditional Korean paper instead of glass to cover windows? This sistem helped to regulate air humidty inside house and prevent people from catching a cold. That's absolutely amazing, isn't it? :)
Our next destinations were connected to defferent periods of Korean history: Chosun Dinasty, Korean Democratic revolution in 20's century and etc. We made our tour in 3 hours and were absolutely tired but happy about good weather conditions, new obtained knowledge and a good company! At last our tour guide asked our young team members and me as a foreigner about understanding of Korean filial duty... Unexpectedly, right? And what do you think about it?
I really recommend to take part in such kind of tours, because there you can get to know something that doesnt marked in the typical guide books, meet amazing people and spend beneficial time!
For more information about Seoul and tours, please, refer to the following link:
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