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A special exhibition titled “Rubens and Other Masters” is a real treat to visit at the National Museum of Korea, which features a collection of pieces from the Liechtenstein Museum, including major works by the acclaimed 17th century painter Peter Paul Rubens.
The other artists featured are from the Renaissance period, Baroque and Biedermeier eras.
The collection includes some 120 paintings, sculptures, crafts and tapestries from Europe.  
Upon entering the gallery the decor took my breath away.

I was so pleasantly surprised to see so many wonderful paintings and I was so mesmerized by how life-like they looked. Even after returning home, the feeling of wonder stayed with me - I highly recommend a visit - I'm sure you won't be disappointed.  

How to find the National Museum of Korea

As soon as you exit Gate number 2 from Ichon station (Line 1 and Line 4), it takes, roughly, 7 minutes on foot. 

You need to look for the building as shown in the above picture. This exhibition runs until April,  2016.

If you are hungry or feel like a cuppa during your visit why don't you try the snack bar or cafe next to the exhibition building. 

Their price ranges are from 3000 won ~6000 won.

Th entrance and the gift-shop is located at corner in side of the building - here you may buy post-card prints or other gifts which make your happy moments at the Museum linger. You can find miniature prints and cards from Ruben and the other Masters you saw in the exhibition.

Here is a selection of my favourite gifts from the gift-shop as well as the picture of the actual daughter of Ruben. 


A tour of the historical roots of Europe's royal and aristocratic art collection culture is located in the 'art room.'

As it says, the house of Liechtenstein( a family of noble princes from the principality of Liechtenstein) has collected all of this exhibitions artworks for around 300 years and has been a key role of Europe's royal courts.

A collector's gallery

The Madonna and Child

Escaping into Egypt

The virgin worshipping the child 'Jesus'

A jar for fragrance

A castle

The principality of Liechtenstein was formed in 1719 from the lordship of Schellenberg ann country of Vaduz by decree of Holy Emperor Charles VI. Members of its ruling family the House of Liechtenstein,  generally resided in Vienna, the main seat of the Habsburg Monarchy.

In conclusion of seeing this wonderful unspeakable artworks, I have to thank to Ruben and the Liechtenstein.  It was unforgettable moments of fantasy and history of middle age

For more information

From 12/ Dec 2015 - 10/ Apr 2016

Place: National Museum of Korea

Contact : 1688 - 9891

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