Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Raw Beef And Salmon With Chinese Noodle by You-Shin

Raw Beef By You-Shin

This quaint tiny neighbourhood restaurant is located nearby Hap-Jepng station
Two Korean young chefs who worked in Japan has opened not only for money but also having nice friendly fellowship.

As you see from this entrance notice 'Raw Beef Is Love', it shows how much they have pride in their dishes

Their opening hours are from 5:00 pm to 2:00 am

We have begun being served with raw beef marinated with garlic

And half cooked Korean beef and raw beef sushi followed by

Eating Chinese noodle which is called 'Tan-Tan Myeon' with raw beef and salmon makes your stomach balanced

Their freshly serving salmon% is delivered to the restaurant each day

This two young industrial chefs are friendly neighbourhood minded

These menus are the Chef's especially chosen ones

These are for clam soup

This restaurant is specialized in for Korean beef and above is their certification for using Korean beef

If you interested in contact to this number 02 070 8779 6565
And the address is 479 - 91, Mang-Won Dong, Ma-Po Gu, Seoul

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