Tuesday, December 1, 2015


I was very lucky to have the chance to get on Hyundai excursion dinner cruise yesterday. It was such an amazing experience especially that it was at night where I could see Incheon City’s night view and how lively it looked from the lake of harmony. The ship consisted of four floors, the first is where they presented to us some wonderful shows ranging from dances to magic. Yes MAGIC! I really love magic, and this one left me fascinated and baffled like magic always does. My face expressions were like What? How? Where? The second floor is a restaurant where you could enjoy a nice meal while sailing. Too many types of food to count~~!
other ships
The third floor looked romantic to me, a place of benches where couples set to chat and enjoy the beautiful scenery from inside the chip. 
The fourth floor is the roof of the chip and where you could feel the breeze of the sea especially in this hot weather. When everything starts to get darker and darker, fireworks are fired from the ship, soooo beautiful. Indeed, a unique scenery that I would not ever want to miss for the world. http://www.aracruise.com

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