Sunday, December 13, 2015

Visiting The British Museum

Visiting The
British Museum Exhibition

Last Saturday I had the opportunity to visit the British History Museum Exhibition. I jumped at the chance to pay a visit to such an exhibition even though it was just a small selection of exhibits from the famous London Museum. Their theme for this was entitled, "The Human Image" which was a chronological history of how the human image has been captured, from 4000 years before Christ until this century. All the items on show had the same common theme: of man's attempt to find meaning through literal capture of the human, or non-literal capturing as in using caricature.   For example, the ancient Egyptians used pictures of their deities using part animal and part human, so that if their god was eagle-like, then they used an eagle head, with a human body.It was interesting to learn that the through ever culture in history man and woman has tried to capture the human face, for example, there were many exhibits of Roman and Greek figurines and head-statues.

From 11/Dec, 2015 to 20 /Mar.2016
Place: Seoul Art Center
Contact: 02- 522-3342
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