Friday, December 18, 2015

We all remember 'Nut cracker' as a childhood secret descent  memory

And starting by this young girl called 'Marie' receiving a nut cracker as a Christmas present from her God father which will lead her into new adventure.
  The As soon as she receives it, her cheeky brother make it broken and she has sleepless night by worrying about her new present.

While she sleeps she dremt a dream that all the magic happened in her dream

By Mari's love for nut cracker made it released from magic and became a prince again, soon after they travel together to Christmas land

As soon as they reached there, there are international ballet dances are waiting as well as the mices attack towards the price but we all know who won!

Traditional perfect Christmas story not only for kids but also adult, why not try this winter Christmas by watching this authentic ballet concert by Korean National Ballet team

And we can purchase some nut cracker miniature in front of entrance

At opera house

Addition to that you can go with your lovely ones for ice skating, hurray!

Place: Seoul Art Center Opera House

Time: From 16th of Dec to 27th of Dec

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