Tuesday, March 15, 2016

전주 가족회관 !비빔밥-

This is the invincible .. Bibimbap that You have tried before.,Forget abt that!

I have checked up the photos I brought in from out tour to Jeonju., which is renamed city with food and class music., also rough accent of speaking Korean.

I would not say more about the Jeonju bibimbap with two photos as below.

Famed in introducing in Michelin., Price s fixed a little bit high.
But, compared that the chef and staffs efforts given to one bowls birth
It definitely deserves payment without  checking the numbers on the bill

Even I am used to get Korean Mom made food, but I this time say sorry to My mom this is absolutely beating yours.

Also I already decided to invite my mom on to this restaurant ' 가족 회관 _ Family Restaurant' some day., ( actually Jeonju is not so far from my home town)

Lastly I recommend steamed egg to eat first or prior to having main dishes   As soon as treated hot.
It looks a quite volume as compared to soft texture & good digestion

Plus, Rice made syrup marinated sweet potato &
Chopped beef included Korean Soybean paste(볶음고추장) as well

전북 전주시 완산구 전라감영5길 17
(우) 55038[지번] 중앙동3가 80

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