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When I  visited "Puja," Nepalese resturant in Dong-dae-moon, I was pleasantly surprised in a number of ways. 

First of all, when I saw the dishes and tasted the cuisine I could have easily thought this was either an Indian restaurant or a Chinese restaurant,  for the dishes coming out of the kitchen resembled such nation's cuisine.

The price was also similar to Korean restaurants as well, even though this was a very unique and family-atmosphered restaurant. 

It is located among old traditional Korean restaurants, but for me, walking on this main street, it was unique and exotic because I felt like I was going back to Korea thirty years ago.

In Seoul, there are probably only a few of such restaurants. I also noticed that the building where it was located also had a Nepalese grocery and other items shop,  so it looked like this building served the local Nepalese Migrant workers, on a smaller size to the restaurant.

The Location: Dong-dae-moon station, approximately 350 meters, on foot, third floor

                          2nd Floor, Changshindong, Jongrogu, Seoul

The contact: 02 744 2199

Business Hours

The Nepalese restaurant 'PUJA'

Actually as it says, the restaurant was Nepalese and Indian home made concept restaurant

                                                           Authentic inside interior

                                                           Menu is well organized in detail

                                                           Lassi / Yogu drink

                                                           Vegetable noodle

                                                            Oh, yes! Nepalese dumplings

                                          Butter flavored chicken

                                           Spinach taste curry

                                          Freshly cooked home made style noodle

                                                          Exotic taste of chicken

                                                             My favorite milk tea

My love ! Different taste of Nan

Walking distance from the station

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