Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Park, ju won Guitar concert –Gypsy Cinema

Park, ju won Guitar concert Gypsy Cinema

'Gypsy Cinema concert' hold in Mapo Artcenter on Saturday March 26th.
The purpose of this concert is release celebrate about Park, juwon's new album' Gypsy Cinema'.
'Gypsy Cinema' consist of movie OSTs like 'Love story', 'Dactor Zhivago',' A man and A woman', 'Almost a love story' and 'Life is beautiful'.
Main guitartist, Park, Ju-won is one of the best guitarists who arranged and played in this album as gypsy style.
Sometime he performed in korean broadcast like 'Radio star'.

Before performance, i went to coffee shop in Mapo Art Center.
There are already a lof of people who wait for 'Gypsy Cinema'.
Price of menu is reasonable and coffee taste was nice for me.
But this store is small, so many customer need to stand for waiting.

I can receive for ticket in ticket box located in next coffe shop.
Because of my GIV editor ID card, i could have ticket for free.!!!!
Althrough my seat was not good seat, I really moved for this concert !
He was amazing, perfect ! and funny .

Park, Juwon playied with guests who are famous, perfect and funny.
They are Bandoneonlist, vocalist, violinlist, vibraphone and saxophone.
I spent enjoying awesome music over 2 hours.

After performence, Park, juwon's celebrity signing held in Mapo Art Center.
And his album including first album, second album, third album and NEW ALBUM soled to customers.

There are long line for celebrity signing!
so i couldn't have his signing

I realized guitar and Gypsy attractive .
He is the best guitarist who play beatiful music.
I want to recomend this 'Gypsy Cinema Concert' !


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