Tuesday, March 1, 2016

YeolEumSon Piano Recital_Modern Times

Pianist YeolEum Son is a leading international artist., who is the second-prize winner at the 14th Tchaikovsky competition in Moscow.

Also., She is a native of South Korea's Gangwon province. Since her  youth, she has performed with every major Korean ochestra,including the Seoul Philhamonic and KBS symphony.

She starts with Arabesque, Variations on "An der schonen blauen Donau"
As the music notes flows., I can feel that It is a kind of  appetizing before going to main dishes. And I found the Miss Son's soften touch on the piano button much more wave shaped.

The second song she played is Le tombeau de Couperin., Written by Maurice Ravel 
It is quite comparative to the first one so that we can feel so many 'up and down' , 'slow and fast' as likely to be a summer weather., sunny rainy muggy also stormy., As the title of song., we may feel writer's solitude and discourage as to his pain following after coming back from the war.

Back From the intermission time.,
Miss Son shows the Modern itself playing the notes from New York ., "When you want'em, You can't get 'em, When You've Got'em , you Don't want'em _ George Gershwin"
Hearing the sound., I pop up the scene., there is the office men and girls walking around the elevator also  overlapped with the people passing through the streets in rain in the early summer time evening seen through the cafes' window under the heavy orange color light pumping out street lamps. 

For the last two more songs., Trois Mouvements de Petrouchka_ Igor Stravinsky & La valse_Maurice Ravel 
It is a good chance to enjoy the classic with a concept of Jazz and various types of a trial re-interpreted by Music master's Magic hand. 

Even more at the ending spot.,
She tried to meet the audience by pouring out her best songs more than 10 times as for rewarding treats against water falling sound clapping. 

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