Sunday, January 17, 2016

A Sweet Memory on N Seoul Tower

As a symbol of Seoul, the Seoul Tower also named Namsan Tower (N서울타워) where located at the center of the city - Seoul, above Namsan mountain. It is the highest point in Seoul with 236meters height, as this built in 1971 tower is on the top of the mountain and actually about 479meters above the sea level. Moreover, there is not any high mountains around so that allow us see very far away from the towel, the landscape really attract a lot of person at its daytime and night time, special at night. It becomes a romantic environment that starts from the drama and spray out Korean, Asia and the world, just like other countries’ tower, a love story or event will happen on the tower. First, it only provides TV and radio broadcasting and it was opened to the public on 1980. This is a communication and observation tower. The N Seoul Tower is divided into three main parts; N lobby, N Plaza and N Tower.

The N lobby and N Plaza are free to go; Two floors of the N Plaza, where includes restaurant, Roof Terrace, Ticket booth, N Terrace, Gift shop and Burger shop. Of course activities or shows will hold on N Plaza from time to time.

At December, 2015 of Namsan Tower, I can see the decorations full of Christmas atmosphere, the Christmas tree come form Olive O Young for Girl Education, it’s quite match with the tower’s “locks of love”, that many couples like to show their lovely memory on the lock at Roof Terrace and written on the ceramic tile at second floor of N tower block.

The four sides for roof terrace are full of colorful locks, each of them showed the love from lovers, the friendships or even families that they have a good time, a wonderful memory.

The N Tower has total 4 floors; the top floor is a French revolving restaurant (it takes about 48 minutes for a cycle), and the bottom floor is a Korean restaurant. For tourist such as me without meal can pay the tower fee and visit second and third floor where has observatory allow us to sight the most of Seoul from the tower with 360 degrees, the landscapes of the view are changed from day and night. Also the corner of the windows has showed which place or area you are viewing. The second floor of N Tower also has a big block to post the news on ceramic tile for the coming year – you can post your message a year after. Many couples leave their love message here and hopefully next year.

There are many ways to reach the tower; you can get there by cable car, bus or walk from Namsan park (like hiking), so it allows different kind of person to visit it with their own way. So if you do not have much time, cable car will be a good choice, but if you have petty of time, why don’t go by bus or even on foot. Sure it will give you another experience and explore around Namsan park at the same time.

N Seoul Tower opening Hour: 9am to 10pm

By Cable car: exit 4 from Myeong Dong station
By bus: no 02, 405 from Itaewon can get off at Namsan Tower
On foot: exit 4 from Hoehyeon station through Namsan part to the Tower.

Written by Powah Liu

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