Saturday, January 16, 2016

KITCHEN 485 ■ Authentic Italian Restaurant ■


●   Authentic Italian Restaurant   ●

This gentle looking man owns the restaurant as well as chief chef but also he literally maintains it day and night by cooking, cuts woods for the brazier.

I took this magazine photo in the restroom and I could imagine that they put all the efforts in every corner of the restaurant. 

This picture shows us that the owner who is also a chief chef is putting handmade pizza in to their handmade brazier by his own brother.

I asked him what's the meaning of 485, he replied by saying that 'That is a best temperature for baking a pizza inside of the brazier. And I learned a new lesson 'Woohoo'

As soon as you enter this restaurant, you will be served with this gorgeous buckwheat tea to smooth your tummy for getting ready for real food.

You can reach this restaurant roughly around 3 minutes on foot from the exit number 3, line 2 or 6.

And the owner proudly introduce us Italian originally produced olive oil, this makes our taste non- oily


Their selective pizza, pasta and drink menu, they also serve Italian wine and the owner travels to Italy for updating trend,  import, new sources annually.  How amazing is that!

The above picture is a wine seller and down below photo is the brazier.
This is the brazier that his old brother who is a real potter for this restaurant especially and it took several months 😲

The cooks works for several years when they start work for this restaurant
with professional mind

This spaghetti noodle making machine makes everyday new noodle freshly, when I saw with my own eyes I was so alarmed because it looks just cute

Prepared woods for the brazier

Freshly maiden colourful delicious noodle

You can purchase those items here at the restaurant as well

Item for selling, it's a good idea as a gift

You may listen to baroque music during your meal time and the owner said it helps your digest

Italian wine selection

They use those four provinces cheese for their dishes

My choice the chef's recommend 1

Before cooking as a dough

A glass of white wine

My choice, the chef's recommend 2 -beef pasta

My choice, the chef's recommend - spicy spaghetti

For more information

Address  399-24, Seogyodong, Mapogu, Seoul

Business Hour from 11:00 to 23:00 pm

Contact 02 325 0485

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