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● SCHOOL FOOD ● Korean traditional student's palate


Korean traditional student's palate

How to find this school food restaurant in Myeongdong?

From the exit 4 of line number 4 of Myeongdong station just around 5 minutes on foot.

This restaurant is famous among students because of its street selection of popular dishes. It caters for mainly customers who have a small budget, however, its menus includes high class or premium dishes such as beef on the rice.

The entrance View 1

A decoration from the entrance and the restaurant is right next to the Seoul tourism cultural center.

They are located in 5th floor of M Plaza

The entrance View 2

Also its location is in the heart land of Myeongdong, the tourist capital of Seoul and the building was very modern and unusual architecture with a nice view of Myeongdong.

The wall decoration

The ceiling decoration

The seat and table setting

Self service for drinking water from right here

A outside view from the inside of restaurant 1

A outside view from the inside of restaurant 2

Menu for various Deokbokki

Menu for mari which means Korean Wrap

Menue for rice

My choice number 1. Pine blue drink

Watch out that they close between 3:45 and 5:00 pm for better service

Menu for noodle

Menu for noodle in summer

My choice number 2 was Special Mari (Ham, Octopus,  Caviar)

A set of Deokbokki,  Dumpling, Black pudding was my third choice

Side dishes are free, enjoy as much as you want

Various Views from the inside of the restaurant including a view of Myeongdong
The service was also exceptional and and fast. The crews were very kind and able to speak foreign language. 

The  certain dishes might be a bit spicy for your tongue,  especially 'Deokbokki'. Besides of that, others are eater - friendly.

Their selection of Kimbab, Ramen, Deokbokki and dumpling cater for student's palate.

For more informations,  please take a look down below and they also do delivery service but I is depends on the location also you must purchase over 10,000 won. 

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