Thursday, January 21, 2016

[ UESTO ] ▪Japanese Homemade Style Restaurant in Myeongdong


Japanese  Homemade Style Restaurant in Myeongdong


This is the entrance of the restaurant,  UESTO

Today, I had a real treat tasting Japanese Homemade food such as marinated eel, hamburger stake, Japanese style salad, Japanese style fried noodle, Japanese Style shabu shabu etc

They are specialized for marinated eel and freshly cooked and served with their natural ingredients

UNESCO moved from Hannamgong which was their previous restaurant 'DAIDOKORO

Their Lunch Menus starts from 11:00 to 6:00 pm and the prices reasonable, from 6000 to 15000 won

Also you can taste their authentic 50 years of experienced noodle and shabu shabu

This restaurant is only around 3 minutes on foot from Euljiro Station exit 5 and specialized in marinated ell, not only for eel they offer lunch specials for the workers around the restaurant for reasonable price ranging from 6000 ~15000 won

A map from Eulgiro station exit 5, line number 2 to the restaurant

The entrance view 1

The entrance view 2

The owner of the restaurant is explaining about the menu

UESTO drink menu

UESTO Noodle menue

UESTO Sushi and Izakaya menu

UESTO Salad menu

UESTO menu

UESTO Inside view 1

UESTO Inside view 2

UESTO Inside view 3

UESTO Inside view 4

UESTO  Kitchen

UESTO apetizer

Potato salad

Lemon and vinegar marinated chicken

UNESTO Stir Fried Noodle

Unesto pancake

Sashimi - Raw Fish

UNESTO shabu shabu

UNESTO Pork cutlet

Hamberger Stake

UNESTO Marinated EEL

Business Information

Business hours From 11:00am to midnight

From Monday to Saturday

Contact 02 319 0033

Address  14 Myeongdong 9gaghil, junggu, Seoul

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