Friday, January 15, 2016

Spa ' LEI ' ■ New Concept Of Spa Only For Ladies ■♨♨♨♨♨

                                              SPA LEI

                                                               Only For Ladies

Mostof expect may heard of spa especially Korean type which is called 'Jjimjilbang'(spa, restaurant,  loungr, game room, complexed new Korean mordern culture experiencing place.

From exit 5 of Sinsa Station which is a line number 3, it takes only 1 minute by walk and it is located right next to Riverside Hotel.

If you walk straightly 1 minute from Sinsa, you will see CU convenient store and Riverside Hotel on your left. The 'SPA REI' is located between those two buildings.

As soon as you turn left from the CU convenient store, you will see this fifth  story building and you need to go to underground of the building to excess this place.

The entrance of Spa is at the basement, next to the parking lot.

When you open the door of the entrance,  you will be delighted to see these beautiful display.

At first, you put your shoes to the shoe box where is placed on your left side and give the key in to the ladies at the reception. Then they will exchange with the locker key.

Reception View1

Reception View 2

Next step is you need to catch a lift to the third floor to change your clothes with spa gown

The locker number is exactly same with the your shoe box number which you hand to the receptionist.

Clothing Shop

Accessories Shop

Inside of the Sauna Room 

Entrance To The Locker Room

Roof Top Outdoor Sauna : This Was My Favorite

 There are even nail shop, snack bar, restaurant, massage room

Plus that 'SPA REI' definitely has special merits for ladies

First, it's opened only for ladies which means double relaxed environmental zones are provided to the ladies

Secondly, the location is just next to Gangnam where you can be exposed into hot leading new wave of  culture of South Korea.

Thirdly, the building has total lady concept  places such as 'lovely cafe, beauty shop excluding the spa zone and you may attempt spend a whole day in the building with your friends or family.

Fourthly, they provide English, Japanese, Chinese language services for international customers

Lastly, you can also have light snacks or heavy meal after / before spa time

Please take some views of the place down below with their business informations as well.

For more informations

Contact 02 5464 002

Webpage  www.

Entrance Fee  12000won

Business hours  24hours

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