Friday, January 15, 2016

TROICA ▪Russian Home Made Style Restaurant ▪


Russian Home Made Style Restaurant In Itaewon

The entrance of 'TROICA'

Inside View 1(with Christmas decoration)

Inside View 2(must be Russian paintings)

Window viewing seats and tables

Entrance door view from the inside of the restaurant

The corner seats and tables

  The famous Russian dolls

These were my favourite dolls

Where you can order, eat and drink too

From the famous Russian fairy tales? 

  1.  Russian paintings

More of Russian dolls

Such a descent and Russian style of inside views

Not only kind but also beautiful Russian waitress

We took some pictures with this wonderful Russian lady.

Menue for drinks

Menue for soups

Salad and speciality

Our choices are Russian traditional drinks

Russian salad

Russian soup

Grilled chicken and pork

Grilled lamb

Russian black tea with meat

I, myself never thought that I would fall in love with Russian food, this restaurant 'TROICA' was very enough to change my world view of Russia by their food

This place became again definitely became one of my favourite restaurant in Seoul and I already miss this place.

The owner of this restaurant is a beautiful Russian lady who studied in South Korea over ten years ago and settled down in South Korea also she speaks fluent Korean.

Their food also is very freshly cooked after taking order from the customer and makes enough to feel their home

The food is very tender and juicy as well especially I love their traditional drinks.

For more information

From exit number 1 of line 6 walk straight around one minute then turn right from Neil's yard cafe, the restaurant is located on your right.

Address: 2nd floor,  119-29, Itaewon 1 dong, yongsangu, Seoul

Contact: 02 797-7724

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