Sunday, January 10, 2016

Alive Museum [ Museum Of Experience ]


Museum Of Experience

Insadong is one of the hot spot in South Korea for the expats, this is the place where you can hang out with your friends and family for food, shopping and so on.
This alive museum is located center of Insadong.

Unlikely with other museums, they make you jump,  run, imagine and feel every part of them, what a concept!
And my two boys loved so much of experiencing them saying, 'We want to visit here again'.

When my boy touches those golden coin, that dragon roars with loud voice that you can imagine also but unexpectedly. And obviously my son wanted to stay as much as he could.

"I am a Ben-Hur today." My husband said, this place's merit is really you can enjoy the museum even if you are a adult.

My youngest son's favourite,  spiderman

He also enjoyed with the 'dancing soldier'

Shall we swing?

Mom, I can drive.

I am in the space

Everybody worship me?????

4D experiencing maze

Contact number : 1544 8508

Time : 9 :30 -8:30


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