Monday, January 11, 2016

JUMP { Martial Arts Performance }


Martial Arts Performance

As you can see from this poster, it's a comic martial arts performance which means you don't need to understand Korean language,  however, these artists hardly speaks during their performance. This performance literally focused on martial action with comedy. 

As a mother of three boys, I can definitely recommend you to take your kids along and I am pretty sure that they would enjoy.

Not only you watch this show, you may have to involve pleasantly to be a participant(not martial arts but some kinds of responses by their questions)  according to one of their team member, but I am sure that you will be ok to be a participant and you will also receive a gift from them as a appreciation. 

This is a entrance view from the outside, it was very dark and full of tourists grop.

Ticket purchasing place

I am pretty sure they speak English.

Gift Shop

In case if you purchase a item from here, make sure you receive autograph from the actors and actresses. 

My seat was just right in the middle and I loved my seat placement.

Before you take your seat, make sure where your seat is.

They leave this stage like this until the show starts and it is forbidden to take a photograph. 

Wonderful  and well performed actors and actresses are wating  for their autograph time.

For more information

Place:  Myeongbo Art Theatre, 3rd floor

Contact: 02 722 3995


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