Sunday, January 10, 2016

LAZZAT- Authentic Uzbekistan Restaurant


Authentic Uzbekistan Home Made Style Restaurant

Definitely not many South Koreans have tasted or heard of here and I was so excited that I am exploring it.

Down belowed map is whether this restaurant is located and it takes only around 3 minutes on foot from Itaewon station 

Their address is 2nd floor, 34-25,  Itaewon dong, Yongsangu, Seoul

The owner is of course a Uzbekistan man and very friendly, kind and proudly owns this restaurant. He is also expecting his 4th child soon, his first and second son are helping his restaurant business.

A view of the restaurant

Uzbekistan Carpet

Uzbekistan tea makes your bady relaxed

Tables and chairs

Lunch Special Menu

Lunch Menu 2 

Main Menu

Main Menu 2

                                                                            Set Menu


My choice 1 (Uzbekistan fried dumpling? They were full of meat)

My choice 2 (Lam Shaslic)

My choice 3 (Uzbekistan stir fired rice: Fillaf)

Delicious Kebab 

My favorite was this bread, so tender and yummy

The price of most food is from 8000 won to 25000 won

Their business hour is from lunch to 11:00pm

Contact: 02 792 7008

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